Comp Schedule

Upcoming Comps in the Northeast:
(Details will be added as they become available.)

USAC Updates on COVID-19

CEC Updates on COVID-19

FQME Mises a jour concernant la COVID-19

OCF Updates on COVID-19

If you know of or are hosting a comp in the Northeast that is not listed here, please let me know ( so that it can be added to the list!


6 Responses to Comp Schedule

  1. Hi Sue,

    I am a Canadian competition climber looking into getting into the USAC scene, and I’m unsure of what competitions to attend. I see that there are local, regional, and divisional competitions, but I’m not sure how they work – are most of them for youth, and only some adult? Or are there all age categories at every comp. I ask because I see there are several comps in Maine and Mass that we could feasibly get to, but I don’t want to show up and have it be a youth only comp! Sounds weird but they really don’t make it clear.


  2. Tino Fiumara says:

    Looks like the Darkhorse #2 (brooklyn) date has been changed to 1.25

    Thank you for the solid list!

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