Summer Sweat Fest 5.5

So I did indeed make the drive up to Canada again for the last Thursday night installment of the Summer Sweat Fest series.  This comp was at True North in Toronto.  And once again, I had a great time.

The problems were diverse and also quite different from the 5 problems that I had worked on at the last SSF.  The style of setting for the Open division of this series reminds me more of the type of setting I see at large on-sight comps, rather than redpoint comps, which is cool, because I don’t get to see that as often.  The format also gives me a little time to work on the problems rather than speeding through them, which happens in 5on/5off or 4on/4off formats.

Being at least a little familiar with the format and scoring system definitely helped this time around.  So did arriving earlier.  I planned for even more border crossing time this trip which I ended up not needing.  That was nice.  However, I had not planned on rush hour traffic through Toronto.  Whoops.

I also had a chance to talk to some of the other ladies in Open and had some great conversations!  I’m learning so much about climbing and comps in Canada.  I hope it won’t be too long before I am able to make it up there again for another one!

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