NEWS: Indoor Climbing in Syracuse, NY

4/7/2017 – This blog post was originally written in 2013 and I have been updating it periodically since that time.  If I had realized just how many updates there would be, I would have included an actual date on each update, but I will do that from now on!  Please read post in its entirety to make sure you get the right info!


Rumors have been flying and I have been fielding a lot of questions recently regarding the status/existence of indoor rock climbing facilities in the Syracuse, NY area.  Here are some answers:

The Wall opened 2 years ago at 77 West 1st St, Oswego, NY.  They are a bouldering only facility with no top-outs.  The wall is constantly changing with many movable volumes and new features being added.  A large overhanging expansion to the wall was added this past spring.  UPDATE:  This gym closed its doors forever on Friday, November 15, 2013.  See post regarding this closure here.

A full-service rock climbing gym for Syracuse has been in the works for a few years now.  The latest report is that the facility planned for 3015 Erie Blvd East, Syracuse, NY will be affiliated with Evolution Rock & Fitness of Concord, NH.  There are still approvals needed and other steps before construction on this facility can begin.  News article here.   UPDATE: This facility will not be built at the planned location of 3015 Erie Blvd East.  Other sites are currently under consideration. LATEST UPDATE: A new location has been found at 2312 Erie Blvd East.  The current building would need to be modified (raising the roof) to accommodate climbing and the timeline includes a late fall 2014 opening. News article here. YET ANOTHER UPDATE: The 2312 Erie Blvd East location is still being considered, as well as another undisclosed location that has the requisite roof height for the planned climbing. This has pushed the opening to at least 2015. News article here.  4/7/17 UPDATE: Central Rock Gym is slated to open their 8th location, 1st in New York, in Franklin Square in Syracuse in Fall 2017.  Newspaper article here, CRG website here, CRG Syracuse page here, and CRG Syracse FB page here.

A climbing wall was intended to be one of the features in the new Pacific Health Club located at 604 Old Liverpool Rd, Liverpool, NY.  This fitness center just opened and has, not just a wall, but an entire climbing center called The Ledge.  They currently have 12 auto-belays and 4 dedicated bouldering areas.  Top-rope, sport climbing, and/or top-out bouldering may be added in the future.  News article here. UPDATE: This gym has been open for over a year now and has established a climbing community.

There you have it, folks!  This is all the info I currently have on the subject.  There is still a long way to go to quench the thirst of climbers in CNY.

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  3. Angela Hetah says:

    how tall is the rock climbing wall?

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