Weekend Comp Preview: Oct 24 – 26

How can climbing in a comp be even more fun?  When you are in costume and there’s lots of candy!  With 1 comp tonight and 7 on Saturday it seems everyone is celebrating Halloween with chalky hands.  Make sure you check out one of these comps!

October 24, 2013

Rocktoberfest – CRG, Glastonbury, CT
Cost: $10 gym members, $25 non-members
Climbing: 7pm – 11pm
Categories: Beg, Int, Adv

The Rocktoberfest series hits Glastonbury with a citizens comp.

October 26, 2013

Tour de Bloc comp – Coyote Rock Gym, Ottawa, ON
Cost: $45
Climbing: Open 12pm – 3pm, Citizens 3pm – 6pm, Finals 7pm
Categories: Citizens & Open

Tour de Bloc kicks off at the same gym that will host the Canadian bouldering nationals.  G6 climbing announced that they will be providing the Tour Stop winners “jerseys.”

ABS comp – Gravity Vault, Chatham, NJ
Cost: Pre-registered $35, Day of $40, $5 fee for non-USAC members
Climbing: 10am – 2pm
Categories: USAC Youth (D, C, B, A, Jr)

An ABS Local comp for the youth.

ABS comp – The White Mountain School, Bethlehem, NH
Cost: $40, $5 fee for non-USAC members
Climbing: Youth B, C, D 10am – 1pm, Youth A, Jr, Open 12pm – 3pm
Categories: USAC Youth (D, C, B, A, Jr), Open

An ABS comp with the categories split up, so be sure to double check your climbing time.

Halloween comp – UNB Rock & Ice Club, Fredericton, NB
Cost: $10 plus a donation for the food bank
Climbing: 10am
Categories: Beg, Int, Adv

This friendly comp will also feature a costume contest!

Midnight Burn – PRG, Oaks, PA
Cost: Pre-registered $45, Day of $50, $5 discount for USAC members
Climbing: Youth 10am – 1pm, Citizens & Pro 4pm – 7pm, Finals 8:30pm
Categories: USAC Youth (D, C, B, A, Jr), Citizens, Open

This all day comp will have the youth climbing in the morning, adults climbing in the evening and the pros duking it out in finals at night.  There will also be a costume contest!

Blackout Boulder Brawl – MetroRock, Newburyport, MA
Cost: $35
Climbing: 4pm
Categories: Citizens (Rec, Int, Adv will be determined by score)

They countdown to turning on the blacklights at this fun comp and it goes from normal to hyper-glowing in a second.  Wear your flashiest, most flourescent gear and be part of the scenery!

evoENDUROTHON – Evolution Rock & Fitness, Concord, NH
Cost: ?
Climbing: 8am – 4pm
Categories: Beg, Int, Masters, Open

This roped comp is chance to show off your stamina.  8 hours of climbing will focus on volume, not difficulty.  Happy hour and a screening of Reel Rock 8 will follow the comp.

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