A Week in Numbers…

…and some words and pictures.

Here’s what October 25 to November 2 looked like for me:

9 days
9 Pilates sessions
3 yoga sessions
1 strength session
1 core workout
1 cardio kick class
1 hangboard session
1 ladies climbing night
1 Halloween climbing party
6 different climbing gyms
3 comps
2010 miles driven
5 states
74 highest temperature
25 lowest temperature
$3.87 highest gas price seen
$3.09 lowest gas price seen
3 nights in my own bed
2 blog posts

I started off this crazyness at Midnight Burn (mb) at PRG Oaks.  I love this comp and gym.  All the setting is creative, but I especially love that they make use of their slab space.  There is variety of balancey and technical climbs, at all levels, instead of the one that you usually get at a comp.  The vibe is always great at mb, too.  Everyone is super fun and enthusiastic.  This comp was my first chance to rock my cavegirl Halloween costume.  I wore it for qualifiers and though a little warm (it is all fleece) it did not hinder my climbing at all.  Apparently those cavepeople knew what they were doing when they designed their clothes, cause I’m sure they climbed rocks, too.  I finished qualifiers in 4th place with my highest score at a mb ever.  I fell to 7th in finals though.  Guess I should have left the costume on!  My husband took the night off of caddying me and entered the comp.  It was fun to get to climb with him.  He spent finals taking tons of pictures.  Check some of them out here.

mb 2013
This little number scored 3rd in the costume contest!
Photo Credit: PRG Oaks

Next up for Cavegirl Sue was a costume contest and climb-in-costume party at The Edge in Halfmoon, NY.  There were some awesome and creative costumes at this event.  My caddy joined me again, this time in costume.  Here we are complete with props.

Cavemen Costumes Halloween 2013
That’s a saber toothed tiger I’ve got there.
Photo Credit: The Edge

We donned the cave outfits one last time for the CRG Hadley Rocktoberfest bouldering comp.  We both competed and I’m pretty sure that this means that Colt climbed more in the past week than he did in the rest of 2013.  I’m pretty proud of him.  He’s got some killer technique for someone who almost never climbs.  This comp was pretty chill.  I was way more focused on Halloween and candy and glow sticks than I was on the comp.  I just climbed whatever looked fun and cheered for Colt.  I walked away with 4th in Advanced and a pretty awesome comp T-shirt.

I woke up the next morning and took off for Maryland.  I visited with a good friend there, but got up early Saturday morning to drive to Climb North for their comp.  This gym is located within a gymnastics facility.  They have made excellent use of the space they have available.  There are so many little nooks, crannies, tunnels, and caves.  It makes for a really fun space.  Although, at my height, I felt like a giant!  There were also tall walls that ringed part of the main gymnastics floor.  This was a nice mix of overhang, slab and dihedrals.  The local Climb North members were very friendly and inviting.  A 1st place finish was a great way to finish off my crazy week!

Climb North 2013
Here’s me working it at Climb North.
Photo Credit: Climb North

I’m back home now, into the training grind, and getting ready for my next comp.  I’ll be crushing hard at Petra Cliffs to earn the self-led food tour I plan to take through Vermont while I’m there.  On my list:  American Flatbread, Skinny Pancake, Red Onion, Cabot cheese, Ben & Jerry’s , La Brioche, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Pie in the Sky, Cold Hollow Cider Mill…the list goes on and on!  We’ll see how many I can check off:)

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