The Wall Closing

Back in September I wrote a post about bouldering/climbing gyms in the Syracuse, NY area.  (You can read that post here.)  Sadly, there is a new update regarding The Wall in Oswego, NY.  Today, November 15, 2013, will be their last day of operations.

It is always disappointing to see a small, locally-owned business close its doors and heart-breaking when it is part of a close-knit community like rock climbing.  While this closing mostly affects climbers here in the Central NY area, it provides an important reminder for everyone.  We often take the resources we have available to us for granted, forgetting that they are not guaranteed.  That is why it is so important to be active within the communities that are important to you.  Think about joining the Access Fund, American Alpine Club or the coalition for your local crag.  Participate in comps, clinics, and events hosted by your local climbing gym.  Purchase gear and clothes from industry companies that sponsor events.  Our support of their business is what allows them to support our events.

I spent many happy hours climbing at this facility.  I will miss The Wall and I hope to see the people I met there still out there climbing somewhere!

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