Weekend Review: Dec 13 – 14

The end of 2014 is almost here! I hope you got a chance to get out and compete one last time. Here are the results from this weekend.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dark Horse 6.2 – MetroRock, Newburyport, MA   Results
Photos by Gkwan Photo

Tower of Power – True North, Toronto, ON   Results

Saturday, December 13 & Sunday, December 14, 2014

Defi du Bloc – Horizon Roc, Montreal, QC
This comp was actually 2 comps in one, Stage 2 of the Quebec Cup and Stop 1 of the National Series.
Quebec Cup Results
National Series Results
Photos by Jean Marc Ransinangue

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sixathlon – Boulderz, Etobicoke, ON   Winners

I was at Defi du Bloc this weekend, specifically the National Series comp. I had a great time this weekend getting to catch up with friends, watch some great climbing and even sight-see a little bit around Montreal, but as far as my climbing was concerned this was not a good weekend.
The biggest issue was that my left knee/calf injury has still not healed all the way, so I am still limited in my range of motion and strength in my left leg. This, of course, means that climbing my best was simply not going to happen. I also noticed that my compensation for the limits of my left leg in training was a pattern that continued in competition. I was often doing extremely “creative” beta, which I’m sure just looked crazy to the crowd. Sometimes this beta was necessary due to my injury and sometimes it was a bad habit that was unnecessary, because my leg has made some progress and I am not as limited as I was even a week ago. That is something to remember and work on in my coming training sessions.
Despite being held back by my injury, I managed to put together a send on the last problem of qualifiers, which was enough to squeak me into finals. While finals did not go much better, every problem required deep knee bends on the left side, I got no tops, and I bashed the heck out of my right knee (guess I needed a matched set:/), I was psyched that I got to climb. My biggest disappointment is that I thought the setting was truly excellent at this comp and I felt that my climbing did not do the problems justice.
I have a 4 week break from competition to train hard and enjoy family time for the holidays. I expect my knees will be fully healed by the end (really, really hope so) and I will be able to return to form in time for Bloc Buster at Climber’s Rock!

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