Weekend Review: Feb 14 – 16

Hope you and your valentine had a chance to get chalky this weekend! Here’s the results from the comps, including the first ever Canadian Youth Nationals!!!! (If you would like full results from ABS Youth Nats, which were also this weekend, click here.)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Comp – Youngstown State University – Youngtown, OH

Comp – West Virginia University – Morgantown, WV   Female Results   Male Results

Milton Meltdown – Milton Rock Gym, Milton, PA   Results

NE Local 2 – Prime Climb, Wallingford, CT   Results

Plywood Series Local Comp – Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center, Rutland, VT

Saturday – Monday, February 14 – 16, 2015

CEC Youth National Championships – Climber’s Rock, Burlington, ON   Results
Article from Gripped

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ground Fall #1 – Bloc Shop, Montreal, QC   Results

This was a crazy weekend for me! Two comps in three days and 20+ hours on the road.

I went to the Milton Meltdown on Saturday. I am so glad I was finally able to make it to this comp. I had a wonderful time! During the redpoint round, the vibe was amazing! Everyone was working hard, pushing themselves and really going after it. It’s nice to see that from climbers in every category. There was a lot of support and cheering from both the other climbers and spectators. Despite the number of people there and the close quarters, I never had a problem getting on the wall. Everyone took turns and rotated through, which is something that has been lacking in a few comps I’ve been to this season. I was psyched to find out that my score put me in first place heading into finals. If I thought the crowd was supportive before, boy they really took it up a notch during finals! It was much appreciated by all the finalists, as the problems were tough and long! After a hard fight on 3 problems, I walked away with a win! I’m still pretty excited:) It was especially meaningful to me, because I have really struggled since I hurt my knee. It is still on the mend, but this made me feel like I might finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A special shout-out to the climbers who qualified for their first ever finals at the Meltdown…you guys killed it, congratulations!

After an exceptionally awful drive back (thanks, caddy!!!), there was barely enough time to dry out my climbing shoes before we were back in the car to go to Montreal. Bloc Shop was hosting the first in a 3 part series called Ground Fall. Several intriguing clues on Facebook and I was hooked. I had to see exactly what this entailed. So I got there, strapped on a harness, tied in, and started bouldering. I clipped into draws along the way and when I fell, I landed on the mat. At this point, you are probably confused. Bouldering? Is that a typo? Why are there mats at a route comp or why are there draws in a bouldering  gym? Why was Sue climbing with a rope? Well, this crazy comp format was just what it sounds like…you climb routes with a harness, rope, draws, the works, but there’s no belayer. When you started climbing (or bouldering, really), the short rope followed you along the route like you were taking an imaginary pet for walk. Click on the photos link above to get a better idea of just how this looked. It ended up being a fun, chill session at the gym with a slightly ridiculous premise on some very well-set blocs. I suffered a wicked flapper on my palm on my first climb and it slowed me a down a bit, but let’s be real…I have the endurance of a veteran* boulderer:)

Now it’s time to rest a bit to get ready for TdB at Grand River Rocks Saturday.

*That’s industry-speak for “someone-who-is-too-old-for-youth-climbing” which really means “old” 😉


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