A Climbing Gym in Utica, NY?!?!

There are some passionate and dedicated individuals in the area that would like to make a climbing gym in Utica, NY a reality.  This would be a tremendous asset to the area and I cannot even begin to explain how much of a positive impact this would have on me personally.  Step one is a survey they issued that will help gauge interest in the area.  Make sure you fill this out!

If you are a climber, then you already know how important having a quality indoor facility in your area is to you, and the climbing community.  This is true regardless of the particular discipline of climbing that you participate in the most.  If you live in the Utica, NY area (Utica, Rome, Herkimer, and the surrounding counties), please make sure you fill out the survey.  If you don’t live in the area, this gym might still be a major deal for you.  Utica is located in the heart of central NY, right off the NYS Thruway.  Those traveling from the west and south to climb outdoors in the Adirondacks, the Gunks, western Mass, Rumney, Lincoln Woods, etc, are likely to go right by Utica!  A gym gives those climbers a place to stop and pick up info on local crags (yes, we have some), hang out on rainy or off days, or train on the way.  Even if you are traveling not for climbing (I hear some people do this, lol), we are on the way to lots of fun places, and it would be nice to have a gym for people to get a session in along the way.  And when you get hungry after climbing, make sure you grab a meal here at any local place.  We have amazing food.  Seriously, it’s a thing. Make sure you fill out the survey.

If you are not a climber, then this may give you the opportunity to try it out, so you should fill out the survey.  I warn you though, once you try it, you’ll find out that it can be an addictive-ly fun hobby!

If you live around here and you’re not a climber, and really can’t see yourself trying it, you can certainly see why it would be a great addition to our area.  So take a moment to fill out the survey and help be a part of our revitalization!

Thanks!  And hopefully I’ll see you at the gym;)

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