Weekend Review: Jun 18

Saturday, June 18, 2016

USAC Divisionals: 7 – Vertical Adventures, Columbus, OH

Sport Results:
Qualifier – MYD
Qualifier – MYC
Qualifier – MYB
Qualifier – MYA
Qualifier – MJR
Qualifier – FYD
Qualifier – FYC
Qualifier – FYB
Qualifier – FYA
Qualifier – FJR
Final- MYD
Final- MYC
Final- MYB
Final- MYA
Final- MJR
Final- FYD
Final- FYC
Final- FYB
Final- FYA
Final- FJR

Speed Results:
Qualifier – MYDS
Qualifier – MYCS
Qualifier – MYBS
Qualifier – MYAS
Qualifier – MJRS
Qualifier – FYDS
Qualifier – FYCS
Qualifier – FYBS
Qualifier – FYAS
Qualifier – FJRS
Final- MYDS
Final- MYCS
Final- MYBS
Final- MYAS
Final- MJRS
Final- FYDS
Final- FYCS
Final- FYBS
Final- FYAS
Final- FJRS

USAC Divisionals: 8 – Central Rock Gym, Randolph, MA

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