Iron Maiden 2018

This was the 5th Iron Maiden competition at MetroRock in Everett, MA, but it was my first time participating in this all women bouldering comp! I had a lot of fun, especially since, in addition to competing as an individual, I also got to be part of team — The Prisoners of Flashkaban!

The vibe at this comp was outstanding, so much support and positivity! My Flashkaban teammates are crushers, plus they are hilarious. I was really inspired and motivated by the strength  and psych of the women and girls around me.

I was tired and drained going into this comp, since I had just ended a 12 week training cycle. It was nice to break up the intense summer training with a fun comp and it helped provide some insight on what I want to focus on in my next training cycle. Despite the exhaustion and a strong field of competitors, I was able to squeak into finals in 6th place.

Finals were super fun and the crowd really had my back! They used the latest USAC scoring system and 4on/4off. I flashed #1, a balancy traverse that kept threatening to barn door me right off. I made it to the 10 point mark on #2, but couldn’t control the 15 point hold, after landing my first ever bat hang to start the problem!

Iron Maiden  2018 Bouldering Bat Hang

My first Bat Hang happens in Finals at Iron Maiden 2018!

(As an aside, I don’t recommend waiting until the bright, hot lights of finals and lots of eyes are on you to try a bat hang for the first time.) By #3, I was feeling all that training and climbing in quals, but was able to make it to the 10 point hold.

Thanks to MetroRock for hosting this comp and the setters for putting up some great problems. Congrats to my fellow finalists, all the podium finishers, and everyone who climbed. A special shout-out to my Flashkaban teammates—you all were amazing! And thank you to my awesome sponsor, Evolv! This was my first comp in my new Kiras and I love them!

2018 Iron Maiden Bouldering Comp Evolv

Climber does the Heisman!

All photos in this post: Colt Brumm





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