She Rises

The last weekend in July, I made a last minute decision to head east and check out She Rises, a female-centric day of climbing organized by Rock Climb Fairfield in Connecticut. There was an outdoor climbing trip, a variety of clinics, and the day finished up with a quick two hour redpoint blacklight boulder comp.

The relaxed atmosphere and positive energy were a welcome diversion from a summer of training. I am continually inspired and motivated by all the climbers around me all the time – men, women, children, beginners, top-ropers, etc, etc, everyone!  But the inspiration derived from periodically and mindfully joining with the sisterhood can refuel resources you didn’t realize were dangerously depleted. There is a strength, grace, and power to female climbing that is often best exhibited during events like these, at times subtle and vibrant at others. This was exactly what I needed to get super motivated for this last couple months of hard training in oppressive summer heat.

Thank you to everyone at Rock Climb Fairfield who helped make She Rises happen. I hope to see this event return next year!



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2 Responses to She Rises

  1. allezgirl says:

    I’ve never heard of this event before! Sounds so cool! 🙂

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