Celebrating 100!

     This spring has been an intense one for me. I returned from Colorado Springs & ABS 15 Open Nationals in late February. (Post here.) Normally this would be the time to take some rest after the long and grueling competition season, but since I planned to compete in Canada as well, there was no rest for the weary.
The second weekend in March was Eastern Regionals for bouldering. They were held at Altitude Gym in Gatineau, QC. (Post here.) Three short weeks later it was up to Coyote Rock Gym in Ottawa, ON for Nationals. This comp was very fun to be a part of and it meant a lot to me to be there. I was in iso for what seemed like forever, but the atmosphere was great, I made lots of new friends, and so the time passed fairly quickly. Sadly though, you do not perform at your best on every occasion and this was one of those days for me. I was disappointed that I could not give a better performance at such an important comp, but as an athlete you must take these valleys along with the peaks.
I did finally get to take some rest after we returned from Ottawa. Despite my lack of training, I decided to drive down to Spooky Nook Sports on April 12 for their first comp. They are a climbing gym within a larger (much, much, much larger) sports complex. I had so much fun at this comp. It was nice to be at a low-key, friendly, redpoint again and not put as much pressure on myself. It felt more like a session at the gym than a comp. I had a great time working on the problems with the other climbers. Later that day, I had the opportunity to climb in finals. I was exhausted, but the crowd was so supportive! While I didn’t top any of the problems in finals, I like to think I won the “Most Creative Beta” award (you know, if that existed). The comp & raffle raised money for an excellent cause, SWAN. Please take a moment to read about how they are helping children in Lancaster, PA and Austin, TX and how those children give back in turn. A special “Thank You” to Bryanna for her solo singing performance at the conclusion of the comp!

This comp for SWAN at Spooky Nook was my 100th comp and this post about it is my 100th blog post. The coincidence seemed like a perfect time to look back. Cue inspirational 80s rock music and movie montage scene.

No Holds Barred 7
My first comp ever.

Gravity Brawl/Mammut Bouldering Championships
The first comp I went to that had a pro division
and the first time that I saw pro climbing.

ABS 11 National Championships
I went, as a spectator, to my first Nationals.

MIT Bouldering Comp
My first time in a finals!

Roc Comp
The first comp I ever trained for.

My first pro comp!

ABS 12 Open National Championships
My first time competing in an Open Nationals.

My first comp back after shoulder surgery.

Started blog!

Actually started “blogging”

Summer Sweat Fest 5.4
My first comp in Canada!

First “Weekend Preview” post.

Summer Sweat Fest Finale
My first time competing in true “World Cup format” finals.

First “Poll of the Week” post.

Tour de Bloc @ Centre Escalade Vertical
My first TdB finals!

Canadian Bouldering Championships
My first nationals in another country.

Climbing Walls for a Cause
My 100th comp!

My 100th blog post!

Looking back on that first comp, I couldn’t have imagined where or how far my journey would take me. I hope that someday in the future, when I look back on my hundredth comp, I am somewhere that is beyond my imagination as well.

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2 Responses to Celebrating 100!

  1. Randy Templeman says:

    Congrats on the 100! Both of them!!

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