Poll of the Week: Apr 23

We are approaching the end of competition season here in North America. Unless you are talented and fortunate enough to be a part of the World Cup circuit, in which case it’s just now ramping up! Which means that it is climbing trip season.

Climbing trips are a huge part of climbing. People are always talking about the last one they went on, the next one they have coming up, the dream one they want to go on, etc, etc, etc

So we ask, what are your climbing trip plans for 2014? For the purpose of this poll, we’ll say that a climbing trip is any trip of at least 2 overnights, somewhere other than where you usually climb or weekend trip to and for the main purpose of climbing (as opposed to I-got-sent-on-a-business-trip-and-will-climb-whenever-there-isn’t-an-attendance-sheet).

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