Weekend Review: Nov 22 – 23

As of Monday (11/24) morning, all of the results from comps in Canada have been posted, and none of the results from any of the comps in America. Not only that, but there is a full statistical breakdown of results from the UBS comp and the TdB comp had live scoring for finals. Canada has set the bar and America needs to step up! You can do it! Update: Loyola MD released the names of those who placed in each category. Nice job! Those aren’t full results, but better than nothing! Another update: I got the results from The Brawl! Woohoo!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Broad Street Boulder Bash – Temple University, Philadelphia, PA   Results

The Brawl – New Jersey Rock Gym, Fairfield, NJ   Adult Results   Youth Results

New Kid on the Bloc – Bloc Shop, Montreal, QC   Quals   Finals

Crushfest – Climber’s Rock, Burlington, ON   Results

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Ascent – Loyola University, Baltimore, MD   Results

UBS S3V11 – Gravity Climbing Gym, Hamilton, ON   Results
Scroll down results page for full individual and team results and click on the V11 Results Breakdown link for a bunch of cool stats on the comp.

I was at the New Kid on the Bloc TdB at Bloc Shop on Saturday. What a blast! I got there late and was a bit stressed out to start, so it took awhile to get warmed up and find my groove. I never really was climbing well, although my persistence paid off on several problems. I guess if you can’t climb smart, just wear the problems down! My score was good enough for second overall (whoa!) and a spot in finals. Finals were super fun and, for those of you wondering, yes the DJ did indeed play some New Kids on the Block! My finals were a little different than usual. Problem #1 took me a few attempts to figure out and I should have figured it out sooner, but that was in keeping with the rest of the day. Problem #2 just felt like arms and legs all over the place with nowhere to go which is exactly where I went. Problem #3 on the 45 was a flash (what?!?). And then came Problem #4, I was so close on this one and really felt like I was going to get it and then a foot popped (I think that was what happened?). My left shoe stuck to the hold it was on a little longer than the rest of my body stayed on the wall, so I twisted my left knee pretty badly. I had to be helped off the mat, but the med staff got to me immediately and checked it out. It seems as though there is no major injury or really serious damage. I was able to hobble out to my car and drive home, but after a hellacious drive home, that took much longer than expected due to icing at the end, my knee was very stiff and it took a major turn for the worse the next day. After diligent recovery measures, it is feeling a little better today. I’m hoping to stay on the right track and be able to compete at the TdB at Altitude in 2 weeks.
Despite the bummer ending, I had a lot of fun at this comp, met some great people and really enjoyed the climbs. Thank you to everyone who expressed their concern over my knee, keep your fingers crossed for my quick healing! See you soon!

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