Clinics at the Heist!

This announcement is for the climbing ladies!

I will be running a seminar and a clinic in conjunction with The Heist!  The Heist is, for those few who haven’t heard of it, a comp for and by women. Women designed the comp and run it.  The route-setters are women.  The comp is only open for women and girls to compete (all ages and abilities).  Men and boys are welcome to come cheer!

The seminar, registration here, discusses the ins and outs of competition bouldering.  It is perfect for those people who aren’t sure if competing is the right choice for them and are nervous about what to expect.  It also has a lot of info for more experienced competitors…what iso is like, how different scoring systems work, tips for how to approach a comp, etc.  This also is great way to learn about climbing if someone you love is a competitive climber (moms, dads, boyfriends, girlfriends, I’m looking at you!).

The clinic, registration here, is Movement on the Wall and goes over some fundamental techniques and drills for climbing.  It is appropriate for beginner/intermediate level climbers.


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