Full Moon Comp at The Cave

I had a fantastic time at the Full Moon Bouldering Comp at The Cave in New Cumberland, PA this past Saturday. I always enjoy checking out a new gym and seeing a new area.

This gym is 6 months old, bouldering only, and is relatively small, but they packed a lot into that space! The staff was very friendly and it is clear that there is already a strong sense of community at this gym. I was very pleasantly impressed with the quality of route-setting. I thoroughly enjoyed the creative movements and variety of styles. I finally had the chance to put my Evolv Kiras through the paces on a bunch of slab and technical climbs and they did not let me down! It’ll be nice to not have to worry about my feet this season.

The redpoint round was laidback, fun, and gave me a chance to meet lots of cool people. They chose to do combined scoring at this comp, so no separation between men and women, just novice, intermediate, and advanced. I was fortunate to make finals with 4 guys who had diverse experience in climbing. I learned a lot just hanging out in iso! The 4 problem finals round was a wild ride and the crowd was awesome. With two tops and high point on the other two problems, I was able to walk away with a gold medal! No really, they made medals for top 3 finishers in each category. I love when gyms do something fun and cute to personalize their comp:)

While I was there, I had a yummy crustless quiche and cinnamon raisin scone from Brew Cumberland’s Best and indulged in a tangerine shave ice from Hanna’s Ice Cream Shoppe, which had a cute old-timey theme – think vinyl on the seats and in the jukebox.

Thanks for putting together a fun event The Cave!

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