Colgate Comp

Colgate’s comp was great!  A ton of people turned out for it this year.  All the comp routes are staying up, so be sure to swing by and check them out.  There are many in the beginner and intermediate range, especially on the overhang in section 4.  If you have been avoiding the overhang, because you thought the problems were too hard, now is a great time to venture over and start crushing!

Thanks to Colgate for providing pizza and water for the competitors.  Thanks to all the staff, new and returning, for putting together such a fun event.  Congrats to all the division winners.  And a special congrats to all the first-time competitors; it is awesome to see new people on the wall:)

As for me, I finished in first for the women.  I ended up scoring 5 out of the 8 hardest problems.  I spent most of my time working on the hardest problem of the comp.  (Which meant that I forgot to go back and try those other two problems.)  This setting gem packed almost every climbing technique buzzword into one problem:  sit-start, crack, pocket, roof, overhang, match, arête, dihedral, toe-hook, crimp, pinch, in-cut, barn-door… By the time I unlocked the beta for getting out of the crack, my brain and body were too tired for the send.  It’s going down next time!

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