Weekend Review: Feb 1

This weekend saw the close of the OCF bouldering season and the finale of the Dark Horse Series.  But there’s no rest for the weary!  The Collegiate Climbing Series kicked off the season in the northeast.  Results for OCF, UNB(partial) & DH are below, hopefully we’ll have them for the CCS soon.  And now we do (although they are unofficial).

Saturday, February 1, 2014

OCF Provincial Championships – Climber’s Rock, Burlington, ON   Results
Current Standings

CCS Local – Hosted by Ramapo College @ Gravity Vault, Upper Saddle River, NJ
CCS 2014_Local 1 Results

Friendly Banff Comp – UNB Rock & Ice Club, Fredericton, NB   Results

Dark Horse Championships – MetroRock, Everett, MA   Results
Pics by Gkwan Photo  Highlight video from Louder Than 11

I was at Dark Horse on Saturday.  This comp brought everyone into town!  I ran into tons of friends and had a blast.  I knew that practically every top climber in the country was going to be there,  so I dialed down the focus and intensity for a change since I didn’t have a chance of making finals.  My place and score didn’t really matter, so I could relax, socialize, and watch some climbing.  It is a good thing I wasn’t terribly worried about my performance, since it was pretty hard to get a turn on the wall.  This was a common complaint that I was hearing from a lot of the climbers.  Youth & juniors ran in the morning and citizens & pro ran in the afternoon with half an hour of overlap between the two sessions.  For the adults, you had to dodge top-ropers if you wanted to warm-up prior to redpoint.  Then during that first half hour, which is normally when you want to get in your warm-up climbs on the comp walls, you had to rotate in with the youth and juniors looking to get one more send for their card.  Who wants to tell someone they don’t get their last attempt cause you are going to take a warm-up climb?  It cleared out a little after the kids were done, but a lot more citizens signed up for this DH than at any of the others.  Which is awesome, but it did mean that there were a lot of people…in a very small space…some of whom were not good at taking turns…

Speaking of small spaces…we were packed in tight for finals, but boy was it worth it!  What a show!  Congratulations to everyone who qualified for finals.  Those problems looked insane!

Get ready for Frostbite next week!

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